Weekly doings

Another week has come and gone. The highlight was the really good shrimp I cooked early in the week. I stumbled onto a blend of spices that worked really well, and I’m NOT telling!

George has put together his page, and should be posting his first blog soon. He’s back at the office after some time off at home to visit with his clan. He brought a few friends back with him as assistants. As always, they were welcomed with affection by all the humans they work with. They really do brighten up the place.

I’ve decided to try to recreate an impromptu story I told my niece a very long time ago. Perhaps if I put together a couple of children’s stories I can put them out as a little collection. I’m not sure about trying to recreate an old story I told once, but I think it was a good story. If it was, it should still be.

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