Flying Too Close to the Sun

I was reading about Chinese dragon philosophy today. The I-Ching speaks of the dragon progressing through 6 levels, from a young hatchling up through a successful wing-leader. But the 6th level is not the best. Achieving the 6th level means there’s nowhere left to go, and no company.

It’s the same when I fly too high. Every young dragon tries it at some point. My wings have to work harder to stay up there, and at the same time I have to breathe harder to keep my wings moving. It’s not at all fun any more. The view is spectacular, but there’s only so long I can flap and pant and look around before down starts looking pretty good. And the view is nearly as good from a more comfortable level where I can enjoy it.

I think those Chinese dragons were pretty smart.


About George Dragon

I was adopted by Joy, the owner of Dragon Musing. She took me home to live with a great big clan of dragons. I'm the biggest, though. I have the most colors, too! I often get to spend time at her office building too. Her coworkers like it when me and some of the others are around. And now she asked me to write this blog. I don't know what I'm supposed to put in it, but here's to trying!

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