Lots of stories about dragons involve transformations. There are dragons that can turn into humans, like some of the celestial Chinese dragons. There are dragons that transformed through different stages of their lives, like Quetzacoatl. One of the original “Beauty and the Beast” legends was about a dragon called a Lindorm, who shed his dragon skin for the love of a beautiful woman.

The Bride and the Lindworm

I’m not sure why a dragon would ever want to transform into a human. No offence, but I would never give up my wings that way! But I think humans go through transformations in their lives, too. Not just the stages of life, like childhood, adulthood, and old age, but they talk about reinventing themselves from time to time. It’s often a painful, stressful process, but I think it is good for them, just as it is for dragons. They come out of it with a new understanding of themselves, and a new outlook.

Here’s to transformation!

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