What Am I About?

I love dragons. For me they are a symbol of all things magical and mystical and imaginative and creative and open-minded. Dragons come in an immense variety, and anything is possible with dragons. They are my muses, and their musings are worth listening to, in my world. I like my world.

I so wish I had some of the writing pieces from my youth. Of course most of them were terrible, likely even the ones I remember fondly. But it would still be nice to have them. There was the piece about the bootleggers, and the one about the cliff-dwellings. And that essay about the definition of life would be wonderful to still have around. But this is not about regrets. It’s about the road traveled, the changes along the way, and what’s ahead. In the words of Captain Jack Sparrow, “Bring me that horizon.”

I’ve always been a “bring me the horizon” kind of person, be the horizon literal or figurative. I love exploring. When I was a kid I’d get on my bicycle on Sunday afternoon and pick a direction and ride. Then I traded in the bicycle for a freight train, and then a backpack, then a van. Now I’m looking forward to an RV. May I never run out of horizons.

That’s the literal. The figurative has a lot of different horizons. Learning new things, getting to know new people, exploring fantasy worlds, creating … well … anything, finding new experiences, and of course the inner exploration of determined navel gazing, all are ever new horizons. I enjoy them all.

Education has been a theme throughout my life. I’ve been back to school several times, from a class here and there at a community college, to the beginnings of a doctorate. I even have some education in education, though most has been nursing. Among my writing horizons is the creation of continuing education courses for nurses and others. But learning things is not about education but about taking in the world around me, getting to know new people, new recipes, new crafts, and getting better at everything and anything. It’s all good.

Creativity is a very important thing to me. The things that come out of my mind astound me. I have no idea where some of them come from, so I’m blaming the dragon muses. Works for me. I enjoy being creative in as many ways as I can. I’ve worked in so many different crafts I can’t remember them all. Many, like my old stories, are gone with no samples remaining. Glass and metal etching, silver soldering, bone and stone carving, even crocheted doilies. There are samples of my other crafts pictured in my Crafting gallery, including beading, pottery, jewelry, leather braiding, and polymer clay sculpting. Who knows what I’ll get into next? I do know there will be something new on the horizon.

Of course creativity includes writing. That’s what this site is about. I’ve never done much with my writing. I’d like to see if I can. If you’re here reading this, it’s likely because you liked something I wrote. Thanks! And Welcome!