Writing is easy, and it’s hard. The discipline of writing is what, like any art, is the difference between a hobbiest and a serious artist. Writing every day, expanding my skills, and finding my voice is a major goal in my life today.

I’ve been writing for a long time in a variety of formats and for a variety of purposes from newsletters to academics to fantasy, but never with any serious ambition. Still, I’ve come a long way, and others enjoy my work, so that counts as success in my book.

My professional writing portfolio is here.

Some samples of writing I’ve done for fun, or that is currently in progress, you can find below.

I can do some poetry like Sappy Love Stuff.

But my writing more often tends to the dark, even when it’s Valentine’s Day poetry.

It’s not always dark. Some of my more fun writing was backstory for the characters from a temporary gaming addiction, Dark Age of Camelot. Here’s a sample about a young dwarven girl studying to be a healer and determined to make her own way in the world.


A longer related story is about the dangers of becoming too involved in the worlds of online gaming. Warning! This story is erotic and graphic. Not for those under 18 please.

Screen Trips

A fun thing I tried for a short time is Flash Fiction. The writer must tell a complete compelling story with a very limited word count. One of my attempts is called Mind Space.

Other snippets may show up here at any time!